BMW Car Club of America, Sandlapper Chapter, South Carolina, USA

Century BMW Meeting

Our August 2015 Meeting was held at Century BMW.  A great crowd turned out for the event. Thank you to Century for hosting the meeting. Thank you to Georgie Melanis for catering the meeting and bringing out your 840Ci. Mike Renner brought out the i8. To finish it off, we had Satch Carlson's Z8 to display all the "8's" together. We also had a guest speaker from Continental Tires that night. Great presentation about the tires. One lucky member won a certificate for a free set of Continental Tires.

2015 Mitty

The Mitty is a Vintage Road Race that takes place every year at Road Atlanta.

Photos by Tim Dennison

BMW CCA Adrenalin-48       BMW CCA Adrenalin-47       BMW CCA Adrenalin-46       BMW CCA Adrenalin-45       BMW CCA Adrenalin-44       BMW CCA Adrenalin-43       BMW CCA Adrenalin-42       BMW CCA Adrenalin-41       BMW CCA Adrenalin-40       BMW CCA Adrenalin-39       BMW CCA Adrenalin-38       BMW CCA Adrenalin-37       BMW CCA Adrenalin-36       BMW CCA Adrenalin-35       BMW CCA Adrenalin-34       BMW CCA Adrenalin-33       BMW CCA Adrenalin-32       BMW CCA Adrenalin-31       BMW CCA Adrenalin-30       BMW CCA Adrenalin-29       BMW CCA Adrenalin-28 BMW CCA Adrenalin-27 BMW CCA Adrenalin-26 BMW CCA Adrenalin-25 BMW CCA Adrenalin-24 BMW CCA Adrenalin-23 BMW CCA Adrenalin-22 BMW CCA Adrenalin-21 BMW CCA Adrenalin-20 BMW CCA Adrenalin-19
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Vintage 2015

The 2015 Vintage was held on a beautiful day in the Village of Old Salem, NC.

Photos by Tim Dennison